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TJI Edition 01/2019 DIGITAL

Art.-Nr.: 921901EE

Contents TJI EDITION 01/2019:

In the headlines
Management changes
Company news
Portrait: First to launch CBD e-liquid in Europe
Ben Walker, CEO, N.V. Biotech

The FDA‘s battle against flavours: The agency‘s answer to teen vaping ‘epidemic’
To ban or not to ban? FDA chief ponders his next moves
The end of minty sticks in the US? US market may take a hit

Bright future up ahead for India‘s golden leaf: Control keeps crop on track
Tobacco Traveller: India. Policy changes underway
Canada considers warnings on sticks: Unlabelled cigarette sticks may soon be a thing of the past

Is cloudy weather in the forecast? A look at the latest figures in Oriental tobacco
What‘s in store for Oriental? Experts say there is still a ray of hope for the sun-cured beauty
Turkey in transit: The biggest exporter of Oriental faces major hurdles
Tobacco pest remerge in Zimbabwe: Extreme weather patterns bring on bugs
Malawi‘s fight against child labour continues: Experts say reform is slowly progressing

JTI has its eye on South America: Acquistion strengthens its stronghold in Brazil
Russian Tobacco is up in smoke: The end of an era ...
Strides in filter technology Hauni presents its future-proof successor
Pura Group at the forefront of innovations: Supplier takes a leap into the future
New builds are still in high demand: CME adapts to marketing trends

BOPP specialist extends global reach: Interview with Filip Mangus, Innovia Films‘ global business manager of tobacco
Aiger opens new branch: Asian branch will support the company’s rapid growth
Smoke lab support: Delfort tests ash performance
Swedish pulp fiction: Iggesund‘s paperboard options
Cerulean to market Tews products: A symbiosis of two leading companies

Was there a shootout at the White Oak Corral? Dr John Lauterbach asks if lawless brands will be brought to justice
‘Connected’ e-cigs offer users more control: Smarter vaping alternatives
Altria invests in oral nicotine delivery systems: The nicotine delivery solution of the future

City of records: WT Middle East returns to Dubai

Cigarette making and packaging
Aromatics and flavours, e-liquids & nicotine
Cigarette paper, plug wrap, tipping, filters, machinery and perforating equipment

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