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TJI Edition 04/2017

Art.-Nr.: TJI1704

Contents TJI EDITION 04/2017:

In the headlines
Management changes
Company news
Portrait: Hon Lik
The man behind the vapour

Going mainstream
What will it take for next
generation tobacco products
to reach the masses?
Building bridges
Big Tobacco and tobacco harm
reduction teamed up at this year’s
Global Forum on Nicotine
Less nicotine,
more uncertainty
FDA has made a dramatic u-turn
on nicotine policy, and cigarettes
in the US may never be the same
Harm reduction for whom?
Products and rhetoric
leave Asia’s chewers wanting
ZYN simplifies next gen
A tobacco-free nicotine hit,
no charger required

Tobacco Traveller: Germany
Questioning wisdom
Are emerging markets still key?
The end for ENDS in Russia
Regulations threaten to kill them
Romania cuts contraband
... thanks to SELEC cooperation

African growers demand
government support
... at ITGA’s regional meeting
Recon. will rebound, says STI
Interview with Jason Hwang
of Star Tobacco International
Chop chop: Australia’s
illegal leaf
Crime groups see tobacco return
Leaf perspectives
Change is coming, says ITGA chief
Higher burley prices in Malawi
Lower production volume means
more cash for farmers

Sticking with Swiss
Henkel’s facility is super high-tech
Getting to grips with 4.0
What’s on offer at TJI Campus
Pujadas and Macro Group
team up in Indonesia
Adhesives makers stick together
Molins sells tobacco
branch to Coesia
Looking back at a long history
JTI opens new plant in Poland
400 extra jobs in Stary Gostkow
Making data meaningful
ITMGroup tells you how
PMI ups Heets production
Investment seen across Europe
NDC brings it to the people
... with cloud-based server
New products need NIR,
says Perten
Interview with Malcolm
Littlewood of Perten Instruments
Moisture tester ups connectivity
Interview with Jessica Wiertz and
Jürgen Willmann of Brabender
Tews backs new system
Moisture measurement at speed
Testing the next generation
Quality control and lab services
meet heat-not-burn head on

We need standards,
not charades
Casting doubt on the FDA’s
nicotine rethink
Putting trust in tobacco
Hard to copy easy to track:
Leonhard Kurz on track and trace
ITSA says EC report falls short
Codentify won’t work, says
association chair

New friends for nicotine
Big Tobacco takes centre
stage in Warsaw
Welcome to InterSupply
InterSupply introduces ...
Who’s who and what’s new
Alphabetical list of exhibitors
Map of the exhibition hall
List of exhibitors with
company descriptions
The Italian job
Matching tastes at the
annual Italian Cigar Festival

A smoking gun
No ifs but butts in
tobacco detective work
Just one more thing
How well do you know Columbo?
Did you know ...

Leaf tobacco
Cultivation supplies
Transport and storage
Advertiser index

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