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TJI Edition 05/2017 DIGITAL

Art.-Nr.: 921705EE

Contents TJI EDITION 05/2017:

In the headlines
Management changes
Company news
Portrait: Partners in machinery
Dr Jürgen Heller, Hauni, and Nicholas Muellem, Decouflé

Reimagining the cigarette: A new age for old ideas
A century without nicotine: US company ready for low-nic cigs
A burning issue: Is the time right for heat-not-burn?
Bright future for heated tobacco: Interview with Dr Ian Jones, Vice President of RRPs at JTI

Tobacco traveller: United States
Turning point for tobacco: Euromonitor throws heated tobacco into the mix
Lax laws in Somalia: A leg up for illicit trade
East Africa regs lack effect: Loose implementation leaves tobacco control in limbo

Introducing Leaf & More: A leaf merchant with a difference ...
Exploring niche markets: Bulgarian tobacco processor tries its hand at blending
Preventing the wilt virus: Extension specialists offer advice on tomato-spotted disease
Leaf perspectives: Growers face unpredictability, says ITGA’s António Abrunhosa
The dark horse Pakistan: Diversity and demand see leaf producer well placed
Don’t let the pests bug you ... Controlled Atmosphere keeps them out, says Besseling

New factory for Davidoff: Luxury cigar maker cements operation in Central America
BAT to invest in Romania: Plans tripled for Eastern Europe
Getting modular on smoking tobacco: Interview with Christine Camilleri of metrology specialist, Sodim
Testing cigars and cigarillos: Interview with Marc Naruga of Borgwaldt KC

TPD2 challenge ahead, says Domino: Interview with James Cutforth, global tobacco sector manager at print specialist, Domino
Say Hello to Jaholo: New printing tech brings holographic effects in-line
Hassle-free labelling options from Logopack: New applicators to be seen at Middle East trade show

Trends in tobacco: New products are driving growth
Is nicotine the wronged stimulant? FDA’s vague plan leaves room for speculation ...
Vape domination: BAT and the US vapour market
RYO retains cult status in EU: Latest figures from the DIY sector
Shedding light on OCB: New products for fine-cut
Multiplying paper possibilities: Gizeh answers call for diversity
A Spanish paper trail: Talking history and the world’s oldest rolling paper

Twins excel in Dortmund: InterSupply and InterTabac strike a harmony
Expect news from Dubai: Sneak preview – WT Middle East

Edward Bernays: Marketing maestro. Father of public relations helped American Tobacco strike it lucky
Did you know ... The man behind the spin

Tobacco processing
Packaging material – boxes, films, tear tapes, adhesives
Endless belts, garniture tapes

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