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TJI Edition 02/2019 DIGITAL

Art.-Nr.: 921902EE

Contents TJI EDITION 02/2019:

In the headlines
Management changes
Company news

Making it to the finish line: Surveying challenges and innovations in TPD2 rules
Is the EU‘s TPD2 deadline under threat? With so little time left, will the industry meet the deadline?
TPD2 - a few weeks to go... Marden Edwards‘ insight into code readability
Effortless dive into pack security: The position of the code is key for product protection, says Boikon
Checking codes for quality: Interview with James Cutforth, head of T&T at Domino Printing

Exploring future trajectories of NGPS: Figures suggest NGPS are substantially safer, writes Ivan Genov
A sharper eye on e-cigs? Acting head of the (FDA) may be tougher than his predecessor
Tobacco Traveller: Mexico. Flavoured tobacco is becoming more popular
How does Russia’s T&T system measure up? Production rebounds and labelling system progress

Broadleaf brings new hope to US growers: Lancaster Leaf is set to increase contracted tobacco acreage
Hurricanes bear down on tobacco country: A look at the aftermath of Florence and Michael on US leaf
Carrying on the Old Belt tradition: Interview with Jay Barker, president of JEB International
Disease control in tobacco nurseries: Measures to cut high-risk disease in plant nurseries
Independent leaf: From Hong Kong to the world
Institute halts child labour in tobacco: Interview with Nicolas McCoy, director of advocacy at ECLT
A flourishing business from the ‘kingdom of tobacco‘: KSEC meets high demand for tobacco machinery
Putting Zimbabwe‘s FVC on the map: Interview with Getmore Mangundu, managing director at Sub Sahara Tobacco
Momentum in slicing and dicing: GK Tobacco presents its slicer
It started with a mill: Powder & particle processing - made in Germany
Keep on moving: Business is running smoothly for belt manufacturer Max Schlatterer
Forbo introduces two new belts: Its new range of belts has polyolefin coating
A new name in belts: Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne Group join forces
Endless tapes: A tape manufacturer from Pakistan keeps up with the big players
Leaf transportation woes: Mould, salt water, leaf deterioration oh my!

EU keeps an eye on chemicals: A closer look at ingredients
PMI invests millions in Portuguese affiliate: Putting money where it counts

The glue that holds everything together: Spanish adhesive company Pujadas focuses on expanding markets
Sticking together: Türmerleim faces new challenges in adhesives

Is there a villain in the room? Formaldehyde causes a whole new set of issues...
Nic by mouth in the US: Swedish Match’s oral nicotine pouches are growing in popularity

Under the golden sun in Dubai: Get a glimpse of the latest trends in the review of WT Middle East

Tobacco in the trenches: A look at tobacco‘s vital role in the WWI war effort
Did you know… About tobacco advertising in war?

Smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff and shisha
RYO / myo papers, filter tubes, pouches, tins and machinery
Printers and inks, embossing, gravure and printing dies

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