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■ Medicine in Dialogue
Hospital Hygiene
Medical devices as sources of infection–
Prof. Hugo Sax explains what lessons can
be learned from recent cases

Platform for Great Ideas
and Smallest Solutions
Device Control: Foot for Functions,
Voice for Device Selection
Packaging Machines: Medical Devices,
Automatic Infeed
Flexible electronics:
Circuit on Soft Substrate
Microfluidics: Cooperation
for Wound Care
Medical Tubing:
Under High Pressure
Virtual Reality: More Movement
in Virtual Environment
Video Management: Reliable Image
Transmission in the OR

■ Technology
Intelligent Electronics: Keeping an Eye on
Health with the Smartwatch
Surgical Bone Implant: A Bone Spring
that has no Spring
Sensor Technology: Robot Skin Senses
and Blushes
Additive manufacturing: Printed
Instrument is Faster than the Surgeon
Small Motors: Noise-optimised Small
Motors for Medical Technology
Product Development: Simulation
Increases Pump Performance
Metal Laser Melting: From the Printer
to the Operating Theatre
3D-Printing: Titanium Hearing Aid
Shells Printed in Series
Ultrasonic Welding: Ultrasound
Reduces Lint in Surgery
Flexible Parts: Robot Masters Tube
and Spiral Reliably

■ Research
Research Landscape Ireland
Ireland sees itself as Europe‘s largest
hotspot for medical technology and
as a competence centre
3D Structures
Researchers at Empa have been able
to develop biologically-based Inks
for 3D Printing

■ Market and
Health Care Market in Romania
The government is setting a course
for modernisation and announces the
construction of large hospitals
Post Market Surveillance
A study conducted by the Witten/Herdecke
University shows that there still is
potential in Medical Care Data
Medical Technology Trade Fairs
Around the globe, exciting events will
take place in 2018

Brain Calling
The merging of humans and machines
has been material for Hollywood films
for ages. In fact, the development of
brain-computer-interfaces is now close
to hitting the market

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